“Dimension 6” is a gastronomy event room. The concept explores why a restaurant visit only focuses on taste and vision rather than all five senses. Why shouldn’t all the senses be stimulated during each course?

Dimension 6 is rooted in the observation that human spatial and gastronomic experiences emerge from all five sensory organs – plus a sense of space in which everything comingles. Dimension 6 offers a truly multisensory experience, with the aim of taking dining to the next level.

The spatial experience differs during each course and stimulates each of the senses:

  • Taste is enhanced by way of devices that disguise touch and smell.
  • Colors and shapes of the surrounding space evolve.
  • The ambiance is framed and stimulated by sound.

In addition, one variation might consist of restaurant-goers changing rooms between courses. In both forms of the project, a blend of cultural performance and gastronomic experience piques the senses.


event-space , inner-space