About Visiontank:

VISIONTANK discovers potential, designs spaces and realizes visions. The company was founded at the end of 2016 in Zurich and has been operational since the summer of 2019. The team in charge is well-connected in the Swiss construction and real estate sectors.

In comparison, Visiontank concentrates on conceptual and design expertise. Additional services in the areas of project development and real estate economics can be offered in cooperation with well-rehearsed partners from the Swiss construction and real estate industry.

The aim of the thinktank is to serve as a well-versed source of impetus, and to accompany the builder during ambitious construction projects. This means Visiontank conducts spatial research in all its facets, works out “guiding images” (from the German word “Leitbild”) and develops extraordinary spatial experiences in the fields of architecture, art and events. Projects which are realized are executed in cooperation with renowned architects, artists and planners.

Ultimately, with its network of interdisciplinary and experienced partners, Visiontank strives to offer to construction projects a coherent, overall concept embedded in user-friendly functionality and economic feasibility – resulting in a novel and far-reaching spatial experience.

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