“Remembrance” is a concept for a new cemetery and burial culture. A classic building block about the size of a brick will be provided with a receptacle for the ashes of the deceased, along with a brass plate. When aligned with many other blocks, the concept is designed to bring back memories of those who have passed away.

Contrary to most modern graves, this place will not be destroyed when space runs out. Rather, it will remain a component of the built environment long into the future. This is reinforced both by the space-saving design and by deliberately integrating traces of time as creative elements.

In this way, every person in the cemetery will be a part of the space where they can be remembered. A spatial shape emerges from individual units pieced together. In reference to the urn and grave tradition, where one can walk between family tombs and other graves, these new public spaces will simultaneously pay tribute to the past while offering an inviting cultural space in the present.


building element , outer-space , urban-space